The iBrain™ — the portable and user friendly single-channel EEG recording device

The iBrain™ device, a cutting-edge, single-channel EEG recording tool that is easy to use, comfortable and portable allows for more efficient and user friendly EEG data collection.

The iBrain™ is a miniature electronics box attached to a light and flexible elastic head harness and electrodes that can effortlessly be applied to the head during sleep. The iBrain™ has a rechargeable battery that provides hours of continuous recording, a USB port for simplified data transfer and battery charging to a computer, and provides days of recording storage. Time is automated and date stamped. The iBrain™ device is HIPAA compliant and the data is easily transferred via internet.

The iBrain™ - A device for at-home sleep monitoring and diagnosis

The iBrain™ device can provide easy to use, accurate, at-home sleep monitoring. The SPEARS algorithm applied to the iBrain™ data is used to offer insight into a myriad of medical pathologies and to monitor a patient.s brain following drug intake.

Winner, Most Innovative New Product Award, 2010

Winner, Most Innovative New Product Award, 2010