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NeuroVigil recognizes and adheres to the Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness and does not consider collaborations around products derived directly or indirectly from our fellow earthlings.

NeuroVigil does not conduct animal experiments and encourages animal experimenters to develop pioneering methods obviating the need for animal use in their fields and to in the interim adhere to the Declaration of Lisbon calling for experimenters to submit a detailed business plan and to make the entire lives of experimental animals available on tape.

NeuroVigil calls on countries to join New Zealand and adopt the content of the Declaration of Curitiba: "Non-human animals are not objects. They are sentient beings. Accordingly, they should not be treated as legal objects."

In addition to our main academic partnerships, we strive to collaborate wherever possible when the proposal and goals align with our mission.

If you have a proposal for using our technology and/or services, please enter your company name or affiliation below and click the button to load our Preliminary Research Proposal form.

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